Silver and Golden Jubilarians Host Grand Alumni Homecoming 2016

The Grand Alumni Homecoming of the high school and college graduates of Saint Michael College was held last September 24, 2016 with the theme, “Remembering the Past, Steering the Present towards a Better Future. The gathering was part of the school’s 101st Foundation Anniversary Celebration and was hosted by HS Batch 1991 and HS Batch 1966.
The whole day affair was opened by a Thanksgiving Mass in the Parish Church presided by Rev. Fr. Ronald Josoy, DCT, an SMC alumnus. The motorcade participated by different batches of both high school and college, followed. After the motorcade, snacks were offered by the host jubilarians and a program commenced. During the program, a Prayer was led by Mr. Francis Carmelle T. Duero. Then, Miss Rizalita A. Mabalay, Alumni Affairs Coordinator acknowledged the alumni by batch and were requested to march around the sports court and had picture taking. The alumni was welcomed graciously by Engr. Lucio C. Orzales, Jr., President of the SMC Alumni Association, Inc. He thanked everyone for the overwhelming response to the call for participation. The meeting followed and reports of the Secretary, Treasurer and President were given. The morning activities closed with the adjournment of the meeting. Share-a-lunch by batch followed at the school ground. Parlor games took place in the afternoon. The alumni enjoyed the games prepared by the committee.
The Alumni Night was another significant part of the homecoming. The spot light was focused to the Golden (Batch 1965) and Silver (Batch 1991) Jubilarians of SMC being the hosts of the celebration. The SMC campus was alive with laughters and music from 6:00 o’clock to twelve o’clock in the evening. Dinner was done by batch and a program followed. Mrs. Paz Eloisa Y. Aquino, Vice President of the association warmly welcomed all the alumni and hailed the school for its continuous delivery of quality service to the community and the whole world manifested in its graduates. Part of the program was the bequeathal of the key of responsibilities by the hosts and the acceptance by the next year hosts, batch 1992 and batch 1967. In acknowledgment to the efforts and dedication, the hosts were awarded certificate of appreciation by the alumni association. It was really a night of fellowship and camaraderie. Everyone enjoyed dancing to each one’s heart content.

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