PAASCU Team Visits SMC for Formal Survey

Determined to accredit the college programs in Liberal Arts, Teacher Education and Business Administration, SMC expressed its intention to the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) on January 9, 2012 and was favorably accepted. A Consultancy Visit was scheduled then on January 18, 2013 with the submission of the required self-survey reports to PAASCU Secretariat one month prior to the visit. However, on January 17, 2013 PAASCU sent a communication to SMC, instead of sending a consultant, to apply for a Preliminary Survey Visit during Academic Year 2013 – 2014 with the required documents to be submitted one month prior to the visit. The Preliminary Survey Visit of the three programs was set on February 20 -21, 2014. Experienced and expert educators from private prestigious institutions in the country came to SMC to help the school attain its goal for academic excellence.
It was on May 19, 2014 that Sister Vivina M. Init, SPC, Directress received a fax message from the PAASCU Board of Directors that the Liberal Arts, Elementary and Secondary Education and Business Administration Programs of the college were eligible to apply for a Formal Survey one year after receipt of the report, provided that the recommendations of PAASCU have been substantially implemented. This was followed by a letter to the Directress on June 27, 2014 signed by Fr. Joel E. Tabora, SJ, BOD President of PAASCU formally informing the school that the three programs applied for accreditation were eligible for Formal Survey Visit one year after receipt of the official report prepared by the Preliminary Survey Team that was enclosed with the said letter.
Sister Vivina M. Init, SPC, Directress and Self-Survey Committee Consultant and Dr. Proserpina O. Yuhico, College Dean and Self-Survey Committee Executive decided to schedule the Formal Survey Visit on August 27 – 28, 2015 which was acknowledged favorably by PAASCU. Certificate of candidate status was issued, respectively, to the Liberal Arts, Elementary and Secondary Education and Business Administration programs by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) for having satisfactorily met the standards and fulfilled all the requirements of PAASCU.
The Formal Survey Visit was looked forward with enthusiasm by the school community, more particularly by the college department. Preparations started immediately addressing first the recommendations of the Preliminary Survey Team. The task was challenging. Answering the self-survey, preparing the reports and evidences and seeing to it that all areas were addressed, were taxing, yet challenging and fulfilling experiences. As expected, meetings here and there with the team, faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni were scheduled and paid close attention by Dr. Yuhico. Until the time came on September 17 – 18, 2015 that the Formal Visit was a reality. The accreditors composed of educators from the country’s top Universities arrived on September 16. The date of the visit was rescheduled by PAASCU with the consent of SMC due to an important reason.
The journey lasted for three years from 2012 to 2015. “To invite PAASCU to accredit SMC was a dream come true,” said Dr. Yuhico. “Moreover, she said, God allowed it to happen. HE was all the time around in the preparations made, so that all concerned, especially the working team, were giving their time and their best to meet the requirements.” Dr. Yuhico is looking forward to a positive result of the formal survey with God’s grace.
Self Survey Committee of the Formal Survey Visit
Sr. Vivina M. Init, SPC - Consultant
Dr. Proserpina O. Yuhico - Self-Survey Executive
Section I – Vision-Mission Goals Section IA – Community Involvement
Chairperson: Mrs. Jocelyn P. Comon Chairperson: Mrs. Felomina O. Arreza
Members: 1. Mrs. Diosdada A. Israel Members: 1. Ms. Rizalita A. Mabalay
2. Mr. Frantor B. Fernandez 2. Mr. Cyrus P. Tabudlong
3. Mrs. Alona F. Miranda 3. Mr. Eric Jesson J. Bucalon
4. Mrs. Marlibeth I. Miranda
Section II - Faculty 5. Mrs. Isabelita O. Urbiztondo
Chairperson: Mrs. Frances Dee A. Grumo 6. Mr. Johnrey O. Bonite
Members: 1. Mrs. Jocelyn P. Comon 7. Mr. Algien A. Parker
2. Dr. Margarita M. Ladanan 8. Ms. Almae Joy B. Luspe (student)
3. Dr. Germana A. Orzales
4. Mrs. Margarita L. Duero
5. Mrs. Isabelita O. Urbiztondo
6. Mrs. Aife V. Rias
7. Ms. Rizalita A. Mabalay
8. Mrs. Felomina O. Arreza
9. Ms. Caren S. Cuartero (student)

Section III – Curriculum and Instruction
Liberal Arts Teacher Education
Chairperson: Mrs. Isabelita O. Urbiztondo Chairperson: Dr. Margarita M. Ladanan
Members: 1. Mr. Frantor B. Fernandez Members: 1. Mrs. Frances Dee I. Grumo
2. Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc 2. Mrs. Maria O. Cortes
3. Mrs. Zorayda A. Orozco 3. Mrs. Felomina O. Arreza
4. Ms. Rizalita A. Mabalay 4. Mrs. Marlibeth I. Miranda
5. Ms. Gia Alyanna G. Trugillo (student) 5. Dr. Germana A. Orzales
6. Ms. Jenie T. Flores (student)
Business Administration
Chairperson: Mrs. Margarita L. Duero
Members: 1. Mrs. Cherly B. Sardovia
2. Mrs. Marie Valerie Y. Ruayana
3. Mrs. Rachel S. Mazo
4. Mr. Algien A. Parker
5. Mr. Bryan D. Luarez (student)

Section IV – Library Section V – Laboratories
Chairperson: Mrs. Nenita M. Gruyal Chairperson: Mrs. Cherly B. Sardovia
Members: 1. Mrs. Proserpina A. Cruiz Members: 1. Mrs. Evelyn B. Tabudlong
2. Ms. Zyra Amor D. Pedotera 2. Mr. Marvin G. Minguillan
3. Ms. Genelyn R. Cosmiano 3. Ms. Daphne A. Arreza
4. Mr. Francis Carmelle T. Duero 4. Mrs. Mirasol E. Guarte
5. Mrs. Josephine D. Orzales 5. Mrs. Marie Valerie Y. Ruayana
6. Ms. Shamae P. Guiral (student) 6. Ms. Lorie Jean R. Duaso
7. Mr. Jomar Miranda
8. Ms. Amor A. Sabuero
9. Ms. Allysa E. Sagrado
10. Ms. Jeannie Michelle C. Cayosa (student)
Section VI – Physical Plant Section VII – Student Services
Chairperson: Mr. Cyrus P. Tabudlong Chairperson: Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc
Members: 1. Mr. John Rey O. Bonite Members: 1. Mr. Cyrus P. Tabudlong 2. Mr. Frantor B. Fernandez 2. Mr. Francis Carmelle T. Duero
3. Ms. Rosie D. Guimary 3. Ms. Amor A. Sabuero
4. Ms. Rizalita A. Mabalay 4. Mrs. Rosalinda G. Arcero
5. Mr. Rae Dawn L. Ravelo (student) 5. Ms. Nadine M. Huerta
6. Mrs. Annabelle C. Azarcon
7. Ms. Rizalita A. Mabalay
8. Ms. May Ann L. Orap-orap (student)
Section VIII – Administration
Chairperson: Dr. Proserpina O. Yuhico
Members: 1. Mrs. Jocelyn P. Comon
2. Mrs. Margarita L. Duero
3. Dr. Margarita M. Ladanan
4. Mrs. Rachel S. Mazo
5. Mrs. Isabelita O. Urbiztondo
6. Dr. Germana A. Orzales
7. Ms. Jeh S. Arwita (student)
Dr. Dulcemina O. Leva, SMC Alumna and former Quality Assurance Director of Saint Paul University Surigao (SPUS) was the external consultant of the school during the entire journey towards accreditation.
PAASCU Formal Survey Team
Tertiary Education

INVOLVEMENT Community Extension Director
University of San Carlos
Cebu City

Head, OAR Palawan Mission
St. Exechiel Moreno Spirituality and Development Center
San Jose, Puerto Princesa

INSTRUCTION Area Consultant for Business Administration
St. Theresa’s College
Cebu City

University of San Carlos – Downtown Campus\
Cebu City

PHYSICAL PLANT Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture
Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan
Cagayan de Oro City

Chair of Legal Management Department
San Beda College Alabang
Muntinlupa City

The school is looking forward to a favorable result of the Formal Survey in its desire to be acknowledged for its delivery of quality services to the local community and in the attainment of its goal to be globally competitive.

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