Michaelinians Celebrate Jubilee Year

Michaelinians all over the world gathered to witness the grand centennial celebration of Saint Michael College that started with the nine days Novena Mass on September 20, 2015 at Cantilan Immaculate Conception Parish Church. The theme of the celebration was “Saint Michael College, 100 Years of Noble Beginnings.”
On September 24 was the grand opening of the great event that started with a Eucharistic Celebration at 8:00 o’clock in the morning at the Parish church attended by the SMC family and followed by a parade around the town. After the parade, a short program was held at the school quadrangle that opened the intramurals. Lighting of torch and banner raising of the different teams signaled the start of the intramurals.
In the evening was the Talent Ablaze Season 2 held at the Maalman Christian Community Center. The gym was filled with energy as the parents, students and other supporters cheered for each participant. Banners and balloons were everywhere as a sign of support to their bets during the event. As with the previous year, the contest was in two categories: The Kids which was participated by the graders and The Teens participated by the high school and college students.
On September 25 at 5:00 o’clock in the morning was Fun Run sponsored by high school batch 1990. The event was participated by alumni, faculty, staff, students and parents of Saint Michael College. After the fun run there was “painit” at the school quadrangle. At exactly 8:00 o’clock in the morning was the continuation of games that took place until late afternoon. In the evening was a fund raising activity of the alumni called “Dinner for a Cause”. This activity aimed to support the project of the school to construct new college classrooms and comfort rooms. Alumni coming from different places came home to join the affair. It was one way of catching up with each other since they are now having their own lives after graduation from SMC. The night was filled with laughter and joy as each batch reminisced the past.
On September 26 was the Alumni Day. It started with the Eucharistic Celebration at the Immaculate Conception Parish Church at 8:00 o’clock in the morning and was followed by a parade and motorcade around the town. After the parade was the general assembly and election of the new set of officers at the sports court. There was a Career Guidance Symposium for grade 10 students in the afternoon spearheaded by the sponsoring batch held at the MCCC. In the evening was the Alumni Program and Dance. The highlight of the night’s event was the coronation of SMC Alumni Centennial Queen 2015, Ms. Gina G. Orozco of high school batch 1978. She was crowned by Atty. Aquino F. Ambray assisted by Mrs. Emma Miranda Blanco. The affair ended with a fireworks display.
The Parents’ Day happened on September 27. It started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the Immaculate Conception Parish Church. Then, a program followed at the school ground. There was an on-the-spot search for Centennial Couple that added color to the gathering. Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo Cosmiano, Mr. and Mrs. William Rosil and Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Flores represented the grade school, high school, and college departments, respectively. After the canvassing of votes, Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo Cosmiano was declared as the Centennial Couple. Another highlight of the gathering was the raffle bonanza. The parents were filled with excitement, especially, every time a name was called to receive a prize. At the end of the day, they all went home with smiles on their faces after the enjoyable celebration.
On the next day, September 28, was the last day of the intramurals and schedule of championship games. Visitors from Florita Herrera Irrizari National High School came to play exhibition game with the students of SMC. The visitors applauded the students of SMC for their sportsmanship. In the evening, a Vigil Mass took place. It was followed by a Procession around the town and the lighting of Centennial Bonfire in the school quadrangle.
The Grand Day celebration was on September 29, the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. A concelebrated mass led by Most Reverend Nereo P. Odchimar, DD, JCD took place at the Immaculate Conception Parish church at 8:00 o’clock in the morning. It was participated by the alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents and visitors of SMC. An Awarding of Centennial Plaque of Appreciation to the SPC Congregation in acknowledgment for their services to SMC that contributed to the school’s growth and development was received by Sr. Lilia Tolentino, SPC, Provincial Superior, from Bishop Odchimar during the mass. After the ceremonies in the church was the unveiling and blessing of the Centennial Landmark in the SMC campus that was witnessed by the whole SMC family, parents, alumni and visitors.
The parade around the town followed. The graders were admirable in their different attire as they portrayed pop dance on the streets, the high school students in their ethnic attire presented sirong steps and the college students looked beautiful in their costumes swaying different foreign dance steps. The street dancing during the parade was accompanied by the Jubilee Song.
In the afternoon of the same day was the presentation of dances by the students and pupils in the sports court. The whole campus was filled with color and festivity as the students from the three departments showed their talents in their respective presentations. The graders were very charming as they hit the floor with their folk dance. The high school students were filled with energy as they shouted “Viva Señor San Miguel Archangel” during their sirong presentations. The college students were so fascinating in their colorful and elegant costumes as the Teacher Education, Business Administration, Liberal Arts together with Computer Science students portrayed Italian, Chinese and Japanese dances, respectively. The presentations of the three departments were well applauded by the visitors.
The awards night happened in the evening of September 29 at the Maalman Christian Community Center. The gym was filled with beautiful ladies and gentlemen who were in their elegant Filipino wear. The awardees were very glad when they received their respective award for their services and outstanding performance in SMC, the community and the church.
Mangrove planting took place on September 30 at Brgy. San Pedro. The activity was participated by the faculty and staff of SMC.
The whole week celebration indeed was very memorable to the whole SMC family. Congratulations, Saint Michael College!

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