Hudjaw Sajaw Colors Grand Centennial Day

The Hudjaw Sajaw Michaelinians, commonly called Field Demonstration, was the afternoon attraction during the Grand Centennial Day on September 29, 2015. The dance presenters composed of grade school pupils and high school and college students were all dressed colorfully in their respective assigned costumes depicting their dance. The campus was filled with multicolored costumes, props and ornaments. Aside from the SMC family including the alumni and parents, community folks came to SMC to watch the different activities of the day and be one with the school community in the celebration.
The afternoon event started with a Prayer led by Mr. Francis Carmelle T. Duero, high school faculty. Centennial Greetings from Dr. Proserpina O. Yuhico, College Dean, echoed on the air after the Prayer. Then, the CADT Parade and Review under Mr. Eric Jesson J. Bucalon, followed. The Hudjaw Sajaw Michaelinians was announced next by Ms. Louvanne Jessa D. Orzales, Program Master. The audience were all excited to watch the presentations and interpretations.
Indak – Indak by the grade school pupils came first. The dancers beautifully interpreted folk dances that included Itik – Itik by grades 1 and 2 pupils, Pipit by grades 3 and 4 pupils, Tiklos by grades 5 and 6 pupils and Pop Dance by the kindergarten pupils.
The Pasidungog presentations of the Sirong by the high school students from grade 7, grade 8 and grade 9 were interpreted with love in acknowledgment to St. Michael the Archangel for the favors received through the guidance and protection given to SMC all through the years.
Kundas by the college students brought admiration to the spectators. Everyone applauded when the dancers interpreted the Italian steps by the teacher education students, the Japanese fan dance by the liberal arts and computer science students and the Chinese dragon dance by the business administration students.
The afternoon was filled with beauty and color. The presentations were executed with gusto and everyone appreciated the effort and time given for the preparations made by both the trainors and the dancers.

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