History of Saint Michael College

Saint Michael College, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur is one of the 14 schools of the Diocese of Tandag, and is one of the administered institutions of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres in the Philippines. Its existence is in response to the growing needs for learning of its clientele.

1915 - The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart through Rev. Fr. Joseph Menken, MSC, founded the Parish School in Cantilan, which started with the Cartilla and the Caton.

1920 - Rev. Fr. Walter Panis, MSC Parish Priest, took over as Director.

- The completion of the Primary School.

1924 - The completion of the Elementary Course and the First Graduation of the Elementary.

1926 - The First Year High School was opened by Rev. Fr. John Van Hagen, MSC.

1927 - The First High School was temporarily closed.

1932 - The First year high school was reopened by Rev. Fr. Antonio Van Odjik, MSC.

1933 - Rev. Fr. John Van Hagen returned as Director of the school.

- The coming of the first batch of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. Mother Marguerite Emmanuel Gehin, SPC, a French nun, became the first Superior of the Sisters’ Community, and at the same time, the High School Principal. With her were two other Filipino Sisters: Sister Teresita of St. Paul Soledad, SPC and Sister Marie Paz Taguinod, SPC.

1936 - The First Secondary Graduation of the School.

1940 - The school was temporarily closed during the Japanese occupation.

- The SPC Sisters left Cantilan.

1945 - Classes resumed during the liberation. Batch 1941-1942 was automatically considered graduates in high school.

- Rev. Fr. Luis Boeren, MSC, took over as Director.

1948 - Rev. Fr. Atanacio de Castro, the first Filipino Secular priest took over with dual positions as Director and Principal.

1957 - Rev. Fr. Jose Van den Berg, MSC, became the Director. He also built the Parish Convent that became the Sister’s Convent. He demolished the old church and constructed a modern church. He also remodeled the high school building.

1962 - Rev. Herman Maalman, MSC, who stayed 23 years in Cantilan became the Director.

1967 - The college department was opened offering First Year course in Liberal Arts and Secretarial.

- Mrs. Ceniza L. Valerozo was appointed as first College Dean from 1967-1978; 1978-1980.

1968 - The College Secondary Education course started.

1969 - The opening of the BSC course in College.

1975 - The Christian Community Center was constructed and is now named as Maalman Christian Community Center (MCCC).

1979 - The present college building was constructed. Nursery and Kindergarten classes started.

1982 - The Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres returned after the insistent request of Rev. Fr. Herman Maalman, MSC and the invitation of Msgr. Ireneo A. Amantillo, CSSR, DD, Bishop of Tandag.

- Sister Ma. Adelina Portillo, SPC was the Superior of the SPC Sisters Community and the First Directress – Dean of College. Together with her were the three Sisters: Sr. Pilar de Marie Pinili, SPC; Sr. Lucia Mandate, SPC; and Sr. Marie Edissa Conel, SPC.

1983 - The school celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the High School Department.

- The elementary department was reopened

- The BEED course in college was opened.

- The Home Economics Room was renovated.

1991 - Sr. Fidelisa Portillo, SPC took over as the Second Directress – Dean.

1993 - The annex building housing the school library was constructed.

1995 - The fencing of the school campus.

1996 - Sr. Felicitas Bernardo, SPC took over as the third Directress-Dean.

- The college department Silver Anniversary.

- The high school building was renovated.

- The canteen was constructed.

- The new Sisters’ convent was constructed.

1998 - Start of the Computer Science Course in college.

1999 - Sr. Victoria L. Lavente, SPC took over as the fourth Directress – Dean.

2001 - Most Rev. Nereo P. Ochimar, JCD, DD, MBA was installed Bishop of Tandag, Surigao del Sur. He is the Chairman of the Saint Michael College Board of Trustees.

2002 - Sr. Bernadette A. Perigrino, SPC took over as the fifth Directress – Dean.

- The organization of the First Home –School Partnership Association of College Parents, Faculty, and staff.

- Computer Science course was given government recognition.

2003 - Sr. Teresita C. Baricaua, SPC took over as sixth Directress – Dean.

- Opening of the Caregiver Course.

- Construction of the Computer Center and Multi – Purpose Hall.

- Cementing of the grounds.

- Construction of the Nature Chapel – a joint project of SMC Alumni & Administration.

2004 - Graduate School Extension Program of St. Paul University Surigao (SPUS) started.

- Creation of Faculty Formation Committee and Self-Survey Accreditation Team.

- Computerization of Financial Management.

- Computerization of Financial Management.

2005 - Sr. Vivina M. Init, SPC took over as School Directress.

- Dr. Proserpina O. Yuhico was appointed Dean of College

- Inauguration of the Nature Chapel

- Renovation of the Administration Building

- Installation of College, HS, GS Multi-Media classrooms.

2006 - Renovation of the College and High School Library.

- Renovation of the Grade School ground floor.

- Installation of the School Archives.

- Graduation of MBA first batch, SPUS Graduate School Extension Program

2007 - CHED granted Certificate of Authority to offer Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Ladderized Program in college.

- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration was offered in college in place of Bachelor of Science in Commerce.

- TESDA granted Certificate of TVET program registration WTR No. 0715042135 for Computer Hardware Servicing NC II, Computer PC Operation NC II, and Computer Programming NC IV.

- Construction of comfort rooms in high school classrooms – project of high school PTA.

- Improvement of school canteen and construction of new HE room and an additional high school classroom.

2008 - Hosted TADICSA 29th Assembly and Paabtikay.

2009 - Installation of High School Conference room.

- Installation of High School Faculty air-conditioned room – project of SMC Alumni batch ‘84.

2010 - Installation of the bust statue of Rev. Fr. Herman Maalman, MSC – project of SMC Alumni batch ’85.

- St. Paul University System through SPUS Student Services Committee awarded SMC Certificate of Recognition to administrators and teachers for instilling in the students the Paulinie Values of Christ-centeredness, Community, Charity, Charism and Commitment to Mission as exemplified by LOVELY MARI D. AZARCON who was chosen as national finalist to the search for Outstanding Paulinian Students of the Philippines 2010.

2011 - Construction of Grade School covered staircase.

- Hosted TADICSA 32nd Assembly and Paabtikay.

2012 - Applied for PAASCU Consultancy.