College Admission Requirements


1. Entrance examination.

2. Report Card (Form 138 –A) indicating promotion to college signed by the High School Principal.

3. Certification of good moral character duly signed by the High School Principal or the Guidance Counselor.

4. NSO Birth Certificate.

5. Marriage Contract (Church), if married.


1. Entrance examination.

2. Certificate of transfer credentials.

3. Certified informative copy of subjects taken with grades and credits earned in the college or university last attended.

4. Certification of good moral character signed by the Dean, Guidance Counselor or Coordinator of Student Affairs from school last attended.

5. NSO Certificate.

6. Marriage Contract (Church), if married.



1. Foreign students who earned their credits in whole or in part outside the Philippines will be admitted only after the Commission on Higher Education has established their eligibility. Alien students born in the Philippines must submit photo – stat copies of their ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration) and certificate of residence. For naturalized Filipinos, ID certificate of naturalization is required, and for those whose names are foreign in origin but are Filipino citizens, NSO birth certificate has to be submitted upon admission.

2. Refer to requirements 1-5 for first year, or requirements 1-6 for transferees.