Bachelor of Science in Education

The BSED or BEED graduate as a prospective teacher is expected to:

 1. Assimilate the Christian philosophy of education;

2. Choose and adopt his methods of teaching, aims, and content in conformity with the Christian view of the origin, nature and destiny of man, and of the nature of learning and education process;

3. Transmit the contents of human and national heritage according to the intellectual and psychological level of his pupils/students;

4. Generate an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and to the full development of the potentials and talents of his pupils/ students;

5. Recognize his role as a change agent in the community;

6. Pursue higher studies and continuously update himself in his teaching profession;

7. Respect the students/pupils under his care and recognize their unique individuality as persons; and

8. Form the habit of seeking new trends, facts, knowledge, and information in keeping abreast with the modern times in order to be relevant and effective teacher.