Bachelor of Arts

A. Bachelor of Arts

The College of Liberal Arts graduate is expected to:

 1. Identify what is valuable in the past and in the present and adopt this to the actual situation and to his plans for the future;

2. Recognize and adopt what is praiseworthy in foreign cultures while perfecting his Filipino identity and preserving his national heritage. He is thus equipped with an open

and critical mind;

3. Recognize the human values in the beautiful, the true and the good in life and integrate these in his daily living;

4. Communicate his ideas and opinions and relate effectively with others either in speech

or in writing;

5. Exercise reflection and deliberation in his thoughts and actions;

6. Accept and respect other persons despite differences in culture, social upbringing, educational experience, religious convictions and psychological make-up;

7. Translate into action religious truths and principles learned in the classroom; and

8. Utilize specific skills in his major field of concentration, such as Mathematics,

Science, English, etc.